Fitness Plan - Day 1

Its been over a month since I've worked out.  I didn't plan on taking off a month but I did, so now its time to start over!  I do have to say, I gained some of my weight back but not all of it, so that is some good news.

I'm back on my meal plan which consists of mostly protein and veggies.  This week I'll be eating the same thing all week, and I prepped on Sunday so I don't slip up during the week.

I started my morning with T25 from Beachbody and then did some toning moves after work.  I hope to workout twice a day every day, but this doesn't always happen as planned.  There are days I come home completely exhausted & not in the mood for anything.  This is why it is so important for me to workout first thing in the morning.  I'm also determined to drink a gallon of water everyday....which means I'll be visiting the restroom every hour!!

Its never too late to start, everyday you wake up is your chance to try again!

How are you doing with your fitness & nutrition goals?