Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cooking Corner-Father’s Day Dinner!

Let me start with Happy Father’s Day To all the amazing dads out there! Hope you are all having a great day! 

Here in Jersey, it’s been a beautiful day-definitely a day to spend outside even tho that’s not how I spent it.
We spent all day yesterday out & about so today we had to get groceries & get stuff done.  We gave hubby his gift last night & this morning we went out to breakfast.  After breakfast we went to get some groceries, stopped to pick up my daughter’s friend & came back home. We realized we still needed a few other things so went to another supermarket then came back to start cooking.  The girls went down to the pool while I started cooking.  Today, hubby requested Cuban style shrimp in red sauce so out came my favorite Cuban cookbook, The Estefan Kitchen!  I don’t need it anymore but like to take it out just to make sure I don’t forget anything.  This cookbook is not part of my cookbook challenge because this one is definitely a keeper!  Every recipe I’ve tried from this book has tasted just like my grandmother’s cooking and were simple, not too many ingredients just like my grandmother’s. 

This recipe is fairly simple, you need:
Tomato sauce
Dry white wine

I cook up the onion & garlic first, then add some wine and then add the sauce, cumin & oregano.  I let it simmer for a bit before adding the shrimp.

Notice how the book is so dirty-proof that I’ve used it a lot!

Dinner was ready in 30 minutes, I also made white rice to go with it! Unfortunately, both my kids don’t like to eat this so it was rotisserie chicken with white rice for them. 

It was a nice day overall even though I didn’t get my pool time! Guess there’s always next weekend!

How was your Father’s Day Weekend?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cooking Corner~Cookbook Challenge Day 3

Hi All.  I'm still working on If It Makes You Healthy and this is my 3rd recipe from this book.  This one is a favorite type of food for me and it is Chicken Tacos.

It looked like a very easy recipe and it was.  Just throw all ingredients into your slow cooker....set it and forget it until the time is up.

While everything was cooking, I went ahead and prepped the toppings for my tacos.

When the chicken was finished cooking, I let it cool for a bit and then took it out and began to shred it.  I like it very shredded, I don't like big chunks of chicken in my tacos or wraps.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product...oops! But it was really good.  This is a definite keeper, although I could use Rotisserie chicken and heat it up quickly with some sauce and cheese like I do for my Chicken Enchiladas.  I'm always in a rush so this recipe may not be used too often.
This is great for the days I'm home longer and want to make something from scratch.  
I may keep this recipe handy, but still not convinced its worth keeping the entire book!

I'm off to look for another recipe to try!

Did you try any new recipes this weekend?


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