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Cooking Corner-Father’s Day Dinner!

Let me start with Happy Father’s Day To all the amazing dads out there! Hope you are all having a great day! 
Here in Jersey, it’s been a beautiful day-definitely a day to spend outside even tho that’s not how I spent it. We spent all day yesterday out & about so today we had to get groceries & get stuff done.  We gave hubby his gift last night & this morning we went out to breakfast.  After breakfast we went to get some groceries, stopped to pick up my daughter’s friend & came back home. We realized we still needed a few other things so went to another supermarket then came back to start cooking.  The girls went down to the pool while I started cooking.  Today, hubby requested Cuban style shrimp in red sauce so out came my favorite Cuban cookbook, The Estefan Kitchen!  I don’t need it anymore but like to take it out just to make sure I don’t forget anything.  This cookbook is not part of my cookbook challenge because this one is definitely a keeper!  Every recipe I’v…

Cooking Corner~Cookbook Challenge Day 3

Hi All.  I'm still working on If It Makes You Healthy and this is my 3rd recipe from this book.  This one is a favorite type of food for me and it is Chicken Tacos.

It looked like a very easy recipe and it was.  Just throw all ingredients into your slow cooker....set it and forget it until the time is up.

While everything was cooking, I went ahead and prepped the toppings for my tacos.

When the chicken was finished cooking, I let it cool for a bit and then took it out and began to shred it.  I like it very shredded, I don't like big chunks of chicken in my tacos or wraps.