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First Trip Out West~Last Trip of 2018!

September was a bit rough for me this year and ever since we got back from this trip, my life has been crazy.  It normally is crazy anyway - who am I kidding?  But its been really hard for me to sit down and write.  I'll get to everything else soon, but this post is about our Las Vegas trip.

Originally, hubby planned this trip for his birthday weekend in August, but after 7 hours of waiting at Newark airport for our United flight - it was canceled.  United could not book us on another flight until a day later, which was ridiculous and we wouldn't have more than 1 day in Vegas so that was not an option.

So, we went back home and planned some more.  We finally decided on the first weekend in September since our daughter was still out of school.  We wouldn't have to worry about her missing school or family having to drive far to get her to school.  So we booked it!

We took off September 1st, really early in the morning, so we'd still have most of the day to enjoy Vegas.