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2018 ~ A Look Back!

Here it is, the last day of 2018!!  Today I'll be at work all day, but can't help and think about the year I've had!  These are the times I am so thankful for photography and even though I drive my family crazy, its a great way to look back.
We traveled a lot this year and besides going to our usual trip to West Palm Beach, FL we also visited some new places this year!   We went to Cancun for Valentine's Day, went to Key West, FL during our Florida vacation, visited Niagara Falls, Canada during Memorial Day Weekend and went to Las Vegas for hubby's birthday!  It was a great year for us as a couple and as a family!

a small hiccup during our FL vacation - hubby needed emergency surgery (A first for us) LOL

It was also a great year for my daughter's dance....friends having a great time, dance competitions, shows and just all around great fun!

October - The Big Show!!

So as I said in my last post, the days after returning from Vegas flew by!  Before I knew it, October was here and this month is super important in my daughter's dance world.  This is the month of her yearly recital - and there is so much prep for this.  After making a mad dash the day before, to go through everything and go buy whatever was missing, we were ready for the big day!

The morning is same as usual, wake up early, have a great breakfast - we won't be eating much for the rest of the day & jump in the shower.  After the shower its makeup & hair time.

By now, baby girl tries to do some of her makeup but I still do the majority of it - I'm seriously thinking about taking a makeup artist course - well, back to Recital day.  I also have to do her hair, which is such a struggle.  She complains I pull her hair too much, the bun is too low, the bun is too high - yadayadayada.....

Finally, hair & makeup are done - now to put on the dress very carefully so no m…