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Fresh Start

Hey everyone.  New week and I'm still on my fitness and nutrition journey.  Last week was so-so but had a few cheat meals during the week.  I tried but gave in more than once.

I did work out a few days during the week, and as always I felt better after I was done.

My Orange flavor recover is the best!!!

I also stayed consistent with my shakeology for breakfast.  I try new recipes every once in a while, but always go back to the usual.

I was also really good about prepping my snacks for work.

Things always start out great but then there's the midweek pizza order, and I get off my plan. That's ok though - its life.  I just get back on my plan for the next meal.
I follow many people on Instagram, but 2 of my faves are Joel & Breanne Freeman.  They are great and have many ideas to share.  So when they went on Instagram talking about this peanut butter, I went and bought a jar of peanut butter & almond butter.

and I'm soooooo glad I did. It is the best Peanut/almond…

Life Happens

Well, another week has gone by.  Hope all my ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I enjoyed a full weekend of Mother's Day, although my chores & work didn't stop.

So last week didn't go as planned.  My daughter was out of school for 3 days, and when this happens I go into work earlier.  Right now, I don't leave home until 8AM but when I go in earlier, I leave home at 6:45 AM.  This affects my workout schedule because I would have to wake up at 4AM instead of 5:30AM, which is already a struggle.  So, I thought I would just work out after work.  HA! What a joke!  I can't even believe I thought that would happen.  3 days went by and I did NADA!!

What I did do, was eat!  I was so unprepared last week.  I ran out of chicken, so I had no prepped meals.  I tried to order as healthy as I could at work, but then our dinners were absolutely horrible choices.

Then comes the weekend - starting with Date Night.  We haven't had a date night in a while so I was look…

Last week Fitness updates

Hi everyone! 😁  So my fitness updates are going to look a bit different.  Every month, I'll post an update with pictures to compare, but weekly I'll just give you a look at what its been like.  Accomplishments, struggles, etc.

We came back from our Florida vacation and I was ready to go!

Joel Freeman and Shaun T combined their workouts and released a calendar for us all to follow along.  I thought it was great!  Before this came out, I was thinking of combining the lifting program with a cardio program, so this was great news.

this was my completed tracker for Transform 20 Round 1, now to erase it all and start over.

Some days were harder than others, but the week was over before I knew it.

My nutrition was average - not perfect but not terrible.

That energize is a life saver....

Recover really helps me after each workout! Yum!

I was feeling great except for the allergies and headaches I was getting at work.  I went to the doctors just to get checked out and am waiting for my…

Another Road Trip!

Hey everyone!  Life has been a bit hectic lately and I've been concentrating on work and my workouts, so haven't dedicated much time to anything else.  Now, after a few months of exhaustion, we took off on a new road trip.
Both hubby and I had the week off along with Baby girl and we kept debating on what to do.  We are prepping for something, which I'm not ready to announce yet, so we know we didn't want to spend much money.  So, we decided to take a drive down to see my family in Florida.  The drive down isn't too costly and we stay at my dad's house so no expense there either.
We celebrated Easter at home, since our son couldn't get off from work, and then we left Monday morning.

It was a long and exhausting 16-17 hour drive and arrived at my dad's at 5AM Tuesday morning.  We slept for a few hours before going out to enjoy time in sunny Florida.

Once we were rested, we went out to grab lunch at Guanabanas.  If you've read my previous Florida trip…