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Self Care Goals

It's almost the end of the week and its time I got serious about self-care.

This was on my goals list for 2019, and I think its something I really need to focus on.  I'll be honest, I've been feeling a bit burned out.  2018 was rough, both at work and at home.  I was giving so much of myself at work that by the time I got home, there was nothing left.  All I'd want to do is change into PJ's and do nothing!  I neglected to pay bills, which caused problems and neglected several other personal things.  My home life was suffering and then things began to get out of control at work.
I started feeling picked on, everything I did or didn't do was being scrutinized so as you can imagine, this started affecting me, my mood and mind.
I wish I can say things improved, but I think they've gotten worse, at work that is.  That I cannot control.  I cannot control what my boss thinks of me.  I work, work & work and do the best I can only to continue to be scrutinized …

Week 4 - Fitness update!

Hi all!! I'm starting week 3 today of Transform 20 and I'm so excited! 
This program is broken up into chapters, 2 weeks to each chapter and I graduated to chapter 2 this past Saturday.  I felt so accomplished when I finished on Saturday.  There were so many days this past week where I wanted to just stay in bed, skip a day but I made myself get up and pressed play!
On Sundays, I run since its a rest day from Transform 20.  Hubby joins me for this every Sunday.

Now the week begins....

Every morning this week I have felt so bloated - not sure what is going on or where I'm messing up with my nutrition.

20 minutes, but you really get a great workout!

Guys, this makes me soooooo happy!! This little sticker means I won in the battle against my own mind. 2 weeks, 6 days each week done!

I started with major struggles.  I couldn't do 1 pushup or tricep dip but I finished with doing around 4-6  or each!  I still struggle!  I can't do all of the moves, and its hard to keep …

Cookbook Challenge~Cabbage Soup with Rice & Dill

Happy Sunday!!  How was everyone's weekend?  I'm getting ready for a new week, what about you?

Today I have a new recipe that I was a bit scared to try.  I'm not a fan of cabbage, I had half a head left from last week's recipe and I didn't want it to go to waste.  So I searched my little cookbook for something with cabbage, and voila!  I found one!

 I had almost all of the ingredients, which was another plus!  I only had to purchase the cans of tomato sauce & diced tomatoes.

Next was to prep everything...chop, chop, chop

I did improvise for some things - used baby carrots instead of full chopped carrots Then threw everything in the pot

Set it on low for 7 hours and on with my day :)

After 7 hours it was ready!

Just stir & serve!

It was ok - not great, not something I will crave ever again. Nobody else wanted to try it.
So this is getting marked as OK - never making again! LOL!
What do you think?   Does this look good to you?

Atlantic City Getaway!

Well, here is our first getaway of the year - hopefully many more to come!  So the main reason for this trip was to attend the Atlantic City International Motorcycle Show at the Showboat.  Since Atlantic City is over 2 hours away, we decided to spend the night and got a room at the Showboat.

We arrived a little after noon, checked in and went up to the room.  It was very cold so we parked and had no intentions of leaving the hotel.

After we checked out the room and dropped off our luggage, we went back downstairs to go to the show.

It wasn't very big but there were so many bikes!