Cooking Corner~Cookbook Challenge 2019

Back to my cookbook challenge!! Another goal for this year is to cook a new meal from my collection of cookbooks once a week.  That day will be on Sundays - unless we are out of town.
Not only is this a way to try new food but also a good way to go through all of my books & magazines and get rid of the ones I don't like.

Unfortunately, I didn't really plan for this Sunday, so I searched my fridge & pantry to see what I can make.  I looked in the freezer and realized we had a piece of Venison in the freezer for a while so that is what I'm going to attempt to make.  I've never made venison or even tasted it, so this is really new.

I had to search for a recipe online and I found one that looked easy - so I gave it a try!
Here is the link for any of you that would like to try it:

This recipe was easy - just throw everything in the power cooker and set it to low temp cooking.

After it was done, I forgot to take a picture, but it reminded me of when I make flank steak for my cuban dish: Ropa Vieja.  So I decided to turn it into ropa vieja.

Here is the finished product.

Hubby and baby girl loved it.  I thought it was ok but not crazy over it and my son said there was an aftertaste, LOL-safe to say he didn't like it!

Do you guys try new recipes?
Anything you suggest I should try next?