Fitness Goals

This year I'm working on setting goals and following through, so the plan is to put it all on paper and have a 3 month check up.
My first goal is fitness.  I've been into fitness and working on my personal fitness for several years, but honestly, I haven't stuck to it.  I've jumped in and jumped out.  So this year, I am working to stay in!

This isn't easy for me.  I have a million excuses, like:

1- I don't have time
2 - I'm too tired
3 - Its not working fast enough
4 - so what if I skip a day

So many reasons to not stick to a fitness routine, but there are also many more reasons to stick to it!

1 - Feel better
2 - have more energy
3 - be healthier
4 - might help me live a longer and great life
5 - look better 
6 - lose weight
7 - will look great in a bikini
8 - I want to be the hot mom, LMAO
9 - no more struggles with clothes shopping
10 - set a good example for my kids
11 - inspire others

And I know I can write down more reasons why being active and exercising will be great for me, but these are my top reasons.  I've even gotten hubby back on board with the fitness routines, although it's been a slow start for him.  It is a work in progress.  Nobody starts a workout program knowing everything and doing all of the moves without stopping - I stop.  I stop for water, to take a breather.  It's not easy, but I keep going.  As time goes on I will get better and will take fewer breaks.  I'm aiming to get through every workout without stopping! LOL

I would love to help others and that is why I post and share my journey.  

I'm far from perfect.  
I get tired
I'm not fit
I'm overweight
I don't eat well all the time
I make bad choices

It's a daily struggle and every day I wake up and decide to workout and decide to stick to my nutrition plan.

I have good days and I have bad days.
Just like everyone else.
Just like you.

I work to build a team of women who can help me and let me help them with fitness and nutrition.
We can push and inspire each other.
We can learn together and from each other.

If you'd like to be part of my team, drop a comment below.
If you'd like to learn about my fitness & nutrition programs that I follow, drop a comment below.
You don't need a gym and you don't need an hour or more.

I'd love to hear from you!
What do you struggle with?
What is holding you back from a better fitness & nutrition routine?


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