Goal Setting

Goals! One of the many things I am not good at!  I've never really created goals for myself and I always hated when school or work would ask me to write down goals.
I never thought of them or thought of what I wanted in the future.

Well, things have certainly changed & I guess its about time.  I started setting goals when I began my health & fitness journey but never really put anything on paper.  They were just small ideas or habits that I wanted to keep up with.  I kept up with some but I have no real way of knowing what I accomplished.  So, now we are in the first week of 2019 and this year I will be putting my goals on paper.  I will be using my Erin Condren planner to help me with tracking my goals as well as my schedule, and I am going to test out this website, Trello.com, to get me going with goal setting!

I've read and listened to so many sources regarding goals (I love you tubers, LOL) that I'm actually excited to get started on my list.  I have several ideas but I want to get specific.

One of my goals this year is this blog, which I tend to neglect.  I am determined to write more and I will be sharing my goal setting and progress on here, so stay tuned :)

Well, enough for now since I have a job to get to - yes, that pesky 9-6 office job, I still have to pay bills so good-bye for now!