Week 3 - Transform 20 week 2

I made it past Week 1 of Transform 20.  It wasn't pretty, but I did it!  The workouts are challenging.  I struggle with so many moves, planks, tricep dips, push ups, but I did them.  I didn't do all the reps Shaun T and his cast did but I got at least 1 done.....that counts.  The point is that I did it, I pushed myself to do it.  The other struggle, which is harder than these workouts, is getting up in the morning.  I have a bad habit of hitting snooze, and sometimes I accidentally turn it off and sleep more than I should!  No Bueno!  I had a few good days, but 2 bad days where I got up later than I should have.  I still worked out, later than I wanted which results in me rushing to get ready for work.  I don't like to do this, so my goal this week is to get up on the first alarm.

My results after week 1 aren't impressive.  I have to be better with my nutrition - no stress eating, no afternoon hot chocolates at work.

Weight: 193 lbs

I don't see much of a difference in appearance, but I do feel the difference.  After each workout, I feel so much better and so full of energy.  I've been sore, and by 9 pm I'm ready to pass out.

Now I look towards this week:

  • I will stick to my meal plans
  • I will wake up on the first alarm
  • I will not eat for emotional/stress reasons
  • I will add at least 1 bonus workout 
  • I will keep a positive mind
  • I will do more pushups
  • I will do a better plank
  • I will do more tricep dips
  • I will lose 2 pounds

I'm ready to commit to week 2 of Transform 20!!
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