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Cookbook Challenge ~ Feeling a Bit Cuban Tonight

OK, so this is a bit ridiculous because I am a Cuban-American so I always feel Cuban. LOL, but I don't make many Cuban meals so tonight was nice.

I went through my favorite cookbook, which I wasn't going to include in this challenge because I have made many recipes from it and I love the book.

This book has been part of my collection for many years, and every recipe I've made has been just like my grandma's.  So tonight I was in the mood to make a Chicken Dish and my favorite Cuban chicken meal is Chicken Fricasse ( Fricase de Pollo).
I gathered all of my ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Chicken, Green bell pepper, dry white wine, tomato sauce, salt, oregano, cumin, Bijol, chicken stock. I chopped up my onion, pepper and garlic and threw it all in a pot with the chicken and the rest of the ingredients.

Even before the cooking began, it all smelled so good!

After 45 minutes, I added potatoes, carrots, and olives.   30 minutes more and dinner was ready.

I made some white rice…

Week 6 - I am Moving Along

OK, so I took yesterday off.  I really needed a rest day and I didn't cook anything aside from my breakfast and then ended the day watching the grammy's.  How did you enjoy the show?  I really enjoyed it!

Now on to my fitness update!
Finished the week strong!! I kind of injured myself on Thursday, my lower back started hurting after my workout but that didn't stop me from pushing play on Friday & Saturday!  I did have to take more breaks than usual and try to stretch but I did it!  That is the best part, I didn't let myself give up!

So now I have graduated from Chapter 2, the Climb phase, and ready to take on Chapter 3, the Conquer phase!  2 more weeks and I'll be finished with Transform 20.  I haven't decided yet if I'll be doing a 2nd round of Transform 20 or go back to Liift 4 - we'll see how I feel at the end of the program.

Time to see the progress:

Measurements from 1/27:                                                   Measurements from 2/9:

Week 5 ~ Halfway Through

This past week was tough.  I think the toughest week so far but I'm very happy to say that I didn't skip a day!  I pushed through and finished the week.  I even beat some of my previous week's transformers.  Its amazing how many calories I burn in only 20 minutes, and how I great I feel afterward.

This week I'm starting on Tuesday instead of Monday.....still recovering from Super Bowl Sunday.

I didn't retake my measurements this week, but will do next week. Current week: 192 lbs

Ready for this week and looking forward to graduating to the Conquer chapter!!
How are you keeping up with your fitness goals?

Cookbook Challenge ~ Super Bowl Sunday

Wow - where did January go?  As usual, time is moving too fast for me, but I guess its good in a way.  Today is my typical Sunday dinner and cookbook challenge day, but it also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday!  I love this day but not because of football, I honestly don't fully understand the game even though I do enjoy watching it.  I also love the commercials.....but the food is the best.  Its my excuse to just get snack foods and beer.

This year I was able to use one of the recipes from my cookbook challenge.  I love spinach & cheese dip, and the cookbook I'm currently testing out had a recipe for it so I couldn't pass it up.

I did have to go out and buy a new crock-pot for this recipe because mine is too big.  I ran out to Walmart and bought this small 2-quart slow cooker.  You can get your own here.

As usual with these slow cooker recipes, just throw everything in, turn on and let it do its thing.

2 hours later, we had a delicious dip.  I really liked this recipe,…