Cookbook Challenge ~ Super Bowl Sunday

Wow - where did January go?  As usual, time is moving too fast for me, but I guess its good in a way.  Today is my typical Sunday dinner and cookbook challenge day, but it also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday!  I love this day but not because of football, I honestly don't fully understand the game even though I do enjoy watching it.  I also love the commercials.....but the food is the best.  Its my excuse to just get snack foods and beer.

This year I was able to use one of the recipes from my cookbook challenge.  I love spinach & cheese dip, and the cookbook I'm currently testing out had a recipe for it so I couldn't pass it up.

I did have to go out and buy a new crock-pot for this recipe because mine is too big.  I ran out to Walmart and bought this small 2-quart slow cooker.  You can get your own here.

As usual with these slow cooker recipes, just throw everything in, turn on and let it do its thing.

2 hours later, we had a delicious dip.  I really liked this recipe, so this is definitely a keeper.

The next few things were my nachos, which I've made before.
I just cook up some ground beef, then put it over the nachos, spread cheese over it all and pop it in the oven.  Easy Peasy!

Everything else I picked up from the freezer section at Walmart and BJ's.

The mac and cheese bites pictured above are from Target and they were so good.
The mozzarella sticks and boneless honey BBQ wings below were from BJ's.

And of course, what Super Bowl Sunday is complete without sweets?
Baby Girl made this football cake :)

and Hubby made individual Tres Leches Cake.....soooooo Good!!

The game is still on, going into the 3rd quarter.  I loved the half time show!  
What did you all think?
What kind of food did you enjoy?