Time for a Road Trip~Day 1

Our first getaway of 2019 and it's to an old favorite - Newport, RI. This time instead of staying for 1 night, we are here for 3.  I'm really excited to get some time to relax and see new things.  We headed out after work on Wednesday night, during the winter storm which wasn't fun.  I was a nervous wreck for the 3 and a half hour drive and seeing all of the accidents didn't help calm me down.  Then as we got closer I started getting really sleepy but we made it with no problems, Thank God!

We are staying at Gurney's, formerly the Hyatt Regency, which is the only place we've ever stayed at when visiting Newport.  I plan on doing a full review on this resort in a future post so stay tuned.  We checked in, got upgraded to a water view room which was very nice and headed into our room to pass out!

The next morning we headed out around 9 and went to IHop for breakfast.  You can't really go wrong with IHop, I tried the Vanilla Spice pancakes, hubby ordered the breakfast sampler and baby girl ordered strawberries & cream crepes.

Everything was delicious and so satisfying.  After breakfast, we went to the visitors center to get information on the Newport Winter Festival and ticket options for the places I was thinking of seeing.

We walked out of there with plans to visit the Newport Mansions, tour Fort Adams, visit the aquarium and visit the Car Museum.  Of course, the stop at the Newport Vineyard is a must since I always buy 6 bottles of wine before going home - I love their wine.

First stop was one of the Newport Mansions.  I purchased the Winter passport which is a great deal.  $30 per adult, $10 per youth and it gives admission to the four mansions that are currently open.  If you don't see all four mansions, no big deal, you can always come back next year and use the remaining admissions.  These tickets don't expire.  We went to The RoseCliff Mansion first.

We've visited all the mansions before but each time I go there's something new I see and learn, plus now they allow photography inside as long as you don't use flash and don't disrupt other guests. I was very excited, I've always wanted to photograph the inside of the mansions.

Be warned - I have a ridiculous amount of photos...

This was a self-guided audio tour which was great.  Baby girl really enjoyed herself here and she loves learning about history this way.  I think the biggest draw is that you are walking in through the same rooms and home that these people did over a hundred years ago.  It almost feels like you are taking a step back in time.

After we left, we stopped by the beach for some pictures.

I really love it here.

Next stop was Fort Adams.  This is another great piece of American History.  1 of 42 forts built along the eastern seaboard, and the largest.  Never used for war, but they were ready for it.  Parts of this tour were a bit eerie but an incredible experience.

The tour guide said this fort is rented out for festivals, weddings and every year they host a Halloween 'zombies' event.  That is one thing I would pass on, this place is creepy enough without adding zombies, LOL.

Baby girl was hungry after we left the Fort so we stopped at this little restaurant on Thames Street called Winner Winner.  She was in the mood for chicken fingers, so this was the perfect spot.  Hubby didn't want to eat so he waited for us.  She had chicken fingers with Mac'n'cheese, tater tots and a biscuit.  I ordered a 2 pc chicken with mac'n'cheese and a biscuit.

The food was really good, I loved the mac'n'cheese - it was sooo cheesy.  The restaurant was small and very cute.  The seats were made out of plastic crates - very different from any place I've ever been.

After eating it was too late to see another mansion so we decided to go by the Newport Vineyard so I can buy my 6 bottles of wine.  This is always a must when we come to Newport.

Got my wine now back to the hotel to relax a bit before dinner.
Around 7 we headed out again to have dinner at the Red Parrot.  This is another spot that we always have to visit when we come here.  The food is amazing!

We started with NY Style calamari

 Hubby ordered his Mako Shark

I had shrimp & scallop scampi with spaghetti 

Baby girl had a burger

  I also had to have a drink, so I ordered the red parrot rumba.  

So good!!

That's it for Day 1 - we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.  We had another full day of sightseeing so we needed to recharge for that.