Week 6 - I am Moving Along

OK, so I took yesterday off.  I really needed a rest day and I didn't cook anything aside from my breakfast and then ended the day watching the grammy's.  How did you enjoy the show?  I really enjoyed it!

Now on to my fitness update!
Finished the week strong!! I kind of injured myself on Thursday, my lower back started hurting after my workout but that didn't stop me from pushing play on Friday & Saturday!  I did have to take more breaks than usual and try to stretch but I did it!  That is the best part, I didn't let myself give up!

So now I have graduated from Chapter 2, the Climb phase, and ready to take on Chapter 3, the Conquer phase!  2 more weeks and I'll be finished with Transform 20.  I haven't decided yet if I'll be doing a 2nd round of Transform 20 or go back to Liift 4 - we'll see how I feel at the end of the program.

Time to see the progress:

Measurements from 1/27:                                                   Measurements from 2/9:
Weight: 193                                                                         Weight: 191
Chest: 42.5"                                                                         Chest: 42.75"
Left Arm: 13 1/4"                                                                Left Arm: 13 1/4"
Right Arm: 13"                                                                    Right Arm: 13"
Waist: 39"                                                                            Waist: 38"
Hips: 46 1/4"                                                                        Hips: 46 1/4"
Left thigh: 26 3/4"                                                               Left thigh: 26"
Right thigh: 27"                                                                   Right thigh: 26"
Left calf: 15 1/2"                                                                 Left calf: 14 3/4"
Right calf:15 1/4"                                                                Right calf: 15"

LOVE THIS!! I'm seeing numbers drop and I'm feeling great!!

This week I don't have progress pics, but I will have them for next week's post.

Here are a few I took during the week:

Several moments during the workouts toward the end of the week looked like this picture above.  Completely exhausted!

These stretches felt amazing!

I am really liking the progress, certain body parts are looking leaner & tighter!

It may not be extremely noticeable yet, but my body is changing and I am feeling great.  Even with a hurt back and sore muscles, I am feeling great!