Cookbook Challenge - Not tonight!

Another Sunday and no cooking!  Last weekend we had just come back from our getaway to Newport, so we ordered takeout.  This Sunday would've been a great day to make a nice hot soup but I'm so sick that I haven't had the energy to do much.  I didn't shop for what I needed to make a new recipe but there's no way I was going to cook today anyway. Yesterday, I spent all day resting/sleeping on the couch and today I've been cleaning and taking long breaks when needed.  I seem to be getting tired very quickly, even though I felt a bit better today I'm definitely not 100%.

Even though I'm sick, my family and I do need to eat so yesterday, we ordered from Anthony Franco's Pizzeria.  My daughter had some friends over, so I got them a cheese pizza pie and made mozzarella cheese sticks for them, and hubby and I ordered meals.  He ordered spaghetti & meatballs and I ordered penne with vodka sauce.  We also ordered calamari and everything was so good!  Thanks to Grub Hub, we didn't have to go get it - delivery to our doorstep.  Awesome!!

There was so much food that we still have food left over so definitely no cooking for me today!

So hopefully, next week I'll be back with something new and delicious.  Now I'll just focus on getting better!

Any suggestions for a speedy recovery?