Final Week of Transform 20!

 So I've made it to the end of this program and I'm sooooo happy!!  This is the 2nd program that I actually go until the end - even though I took 2 weeks off due to coming down with an awful cold.

My results aren't huge and I really didn't follow the nutrition plan - big FAIL!  But, I did go through a transformation.  Part of Shaun T's message is that this is not just a body transformation but it a transformation of your mind.  Many times we allow our minds to stop us from pushing forward, we give up because our mind tells us we can't.  I pushed through every morning and it wasn't easy because honestly, I don't like working out 6 days a week!  LOL!! Mornings can be rough and having to workout every morning was not easy.  I had to talk to myself every morning - the hardest part was getting out of bed.

I definitely got stronger.  Before Transform 20 I couldn't do any pushups at all, not even on my knees and let's not talk about triceps dips.  Now I can do a couple before my arms give out, so I'm very happy about that.

Here are my final numbers:

Measurements from 3/11:
Weight 192
Chest 43 1/2
Left Arm 13"
Right Arm 13 1/4"
Waist 36 1/2"
Hips 46"
Left thigh 25 1/4"
Right thigh 26 1/4"
Left calf 15"
Right calf 15"

Weight as of Sat 1/4: 193 lbs
Chest: 36"
Left Arm: 12.75"
Right Arm: 12.75"
Waist: 39"
Hips: 48"
Left thigh: 27.5"
Right Thigh: 28"

These were the hardest 6 weeks for me.

So, after 6 weeks of working out 6 days a week, am I happy with my results?  Yes & NO!

Yes because I know I've gotten better & stronger - both mentally and physically.
No because I didn't lose as much weight as I had wanted to, but that is my own fault.  You can't work off a bad diet and that is where I need to learn to control.
I'm an emotional eater and very quick to give in to my cravings.

So what's next?
I'm not 100% sure yet.  There are many options on Beach Body On Demand.
I thought of doing a 2nd round of Transform 20 along with Liift 4.
I was also thinking of trying out 80 Day Obsession.

So I haven't decided what program to do next, this is what I'll be deciding on this week.
What I do know is that I have to write out my meal plan and follow it!

What do you struggle with the most?
Fitness or Nutrition?