New Week~New Program

Here we go!!  I took a week off to regroup and decide what to do next.  I really have to say that having Beach Body on Demand is the BEST!!!

There are so many programs and nutrition plans to follow.  So since I recently completed Transform 20, I was thinking of doing it again, but I've been curious about 80 Day Obsession for quite some time.  I haven't attempted this program because at first, I felt it wasn't for me.  The workouts are longer than I'm used to and the timed nutrition is challenging for me, but I finally let curiosity get the best of me.  I'm going to give it a shot!

I started Sunday with my meal prep!  I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I followed the sample nutrition plan and was able to get my shopping list and meals put together.

So for my first week, I have every meal planned out.  Not prepared, since I'd rather make my eggs for breakfast fresh each morning.  Most of my meals have been prepped!

My days are set to begin at 4:30AM with my shakeology as my pre-workout meal!  I'm kind of freaking out about this because I'm not sure how long that will last but I'm pushing for it!!  30 minutes after my shake I take my energize and 30 minutes after that I workout!

6 days a week for 80 days.  Now, I'm going to take it 20 days at a time!  Small goals here.
I've never committed to workouts that are over 30 minutes, so here is challenge #1.  Challenge #2 is sticking to this Timed Nutrition.  My alarm clock and calendar reminders will be my best friends for the next few weeks.

I took my measurements and weight this morning, and here is where I'm starting at:

Chest: 42.5"
Waist: 37"
Hips: 46"
Left Arm: 12.5"
Right Arm: 12.5"
Left thigh: 26.25"
Right thigh: 26"
Left calf: 15.25"
Right Calf: 15"
Weight: 195 lbs

Like I said before, I took a week off and went back to my old ways of eating anything I wanted.  No Bueno!  I'm hoping to get into a routine with my meals and portions that it will be very natural for me.  In a few weeks, I hope to be able to follow this nutrition plan without all of the reminders.

Hoping and working to make this program work for me!

5AM workouts - here we go!! Want to join me??