Time for a Road Trip~Day 2

Day 2 of our little getaway started early.  It started with a walk by the water to check out the views.

It was too cold for me

We went to Starbucks first, got our coffee, hot chocolate, pink drink, and breakfast sandwiches.  Once we finished eating we headed to our first stop - The Breakers.

This is the largest of the mansions (or summer cottages like they were called).  I love all of the mansions, but this one is breathtaking.

Some people may think it is too much, too gaudy, but I love it.  I love all of the architecture, the decor...everything.  I wish I could have my home's ceilings look like those from the Breakers....wow!

This was a self-guided audio tour and once we were finished we walked around the grounds - which we've never done before.  Everything is so beautiful, as I walk throughout the property I can just imagine what it would be like to live there.  Amazing!

We took so many pictures and I took advantage of baby girl's good mood and willingness to take pictures, so I snapped away.

This home is so massive and so beautiful that it is so hard to only take one or two pictures.  Hope you aren't tired of the pictures yet.

After the Breakers we went to the Marble House.  This tour was led by a tour guide, which is still nice but you don't have the freedom to explore at your own pace.  You have to stick with the group so it makes taking pictures a bit more difficult.  Our tour guide was very nice and friendly and originally from NJ.  This was the second person here we meet that was originally from NJ.

We enjoyed this tour, took as many pictures as we could.  It is so difficult for me to decide which is my favorite house, but this one is definitely up on the list.

After the Marble House, we were planning on going to the Newport Car Museum, but as we were driving we noticed another Car Museum.  Right on Bellevue Ave, we came across Audrain Auto Museum.

It was small, but the current exhibition, Horseless to Horsepower, was amazing.  To see the history of these automobiles was so interesting and the cars were beautiful.  We didn't spend a long time here since the exhibition is small, but the man at the front desk was great and so informative.  He even told us about an event in early October that now I am very interested in attending.

We got back in the car and headed to our original destination, the Newport Car Museum.

This place was larger and had so many beautiful cars.  Needless to say hubby was in Heaven.

When we finished, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch and then went back to the shopping center by the Newport Harbor.  We did a little shopping and then went back to the hotel.

We walked towards the back of the hotel to see the ice skating rink and we saw goats!!

The views are gorgeous!

By now we were so tired, but we went by the pool for a little while.  Baby girl and hubby went swimming while I watched.

Then a bit later we made a Taco Bell run....late night munchies!

Tomorrow morning I'll be packing up to go back home.
Have you taken any trips recently?

Before you go, here's a quick video recap of our weekend.  Hope you enjoy!