3 Day Detox Results

Hey everyone - I was supposed to get this up last night but distractions! LOL, lots of distractions and other things that had to get done.

So now that I can sit down and write, here is my quick update on my experience and results.

I ordered the 3-Day Refresh from Beachbody and decided to start it on Monday.

The guide is very easy to follow.  Now I highly recommend being prepared.

Read through the guide, choose the foods you will eat and go shopping.
There are recipes for the dinners you will be eating, but they are super easy.
Also - drink lots & lots of water.  I aimed for a gallon a day, so that's what I would recommend but you should at least drink half your body weight in ounces each day.

You will also be eating something small throughout the day - I'd say it was around every 3 hours or so.

I started each day with 8-10 ounces of water.

About an hour later I would drink my shakeology and add a fruit to it.

A couple hours later (1-2) I drank the fiber sweep.  When I got this, I was terrified to drink this.  I was scared it would be grainy and make me gag.  It doesn't take much to make me gag - so yea!
I did take a tip from my coach, which was to mix it with very cold water, mix really well and drink up.
Guess what?
It worked!!!  It didn't taste bad, wasn't grainy.  It was thick but had a lemony taste and I used a straw to drink it right up.  No gagging - Success!!

Then came lunch.
For lunch I had the Vanilla protein mixed with water and you also get a fruit, veggie serving and 1 healthy fat serving.  You can add the fruit into your shake, which is what I did.

A couple hours later it was snack time.  For snacks you have a choice of variour veggies and healthy fat.  I would have baby carrots with hummus - my easiest option.

Then finally for dinner I would choose a recipe from the guide.  One night I had a salad, another night it was a cucumber and tomato salad, and the last night an asparagus recipe.

I also drank green tea twice a day - no added sweetener.

Another thing to note, this didn't make me go to the bathroom like I thought it would.  I don't know about you, but whenever I hear about a detox I immediately think that I'll be running to the bathroom.  No issues here but of course everyone is different.

I started out feeling very full, heavy & bloated.
I finished feeling lighter, my stomach wasn't bothering me anymore and didn't feel bloated.
I also lost 5 pounds.

Was I hungry?  The second day was the toughest for me.  I did experience a moment of craving something cheesy, but once I had dinner I felt a lot better.

So I am very, very happy!!  I know I overindulged during Mother's day weekend and that feeling and bloat were not going away until I went through this 3-day refresh.

Here is a quick overview of what you'll get:

Why would you do this:

1- Start a healthy, nutritious eating plan
2 - Kickstart a nutrition/fitness program
3 - Lose a couple pounds before an event
4 - Detox your body after a vacation or a weekend of indulgence (like me)

If you are wondering about working out during these 3 days, yes you can.  It is just recommended that you do something low to medium impact since you are on a very restricted, low-calorie meal plan.

I went for a 2-mile walk on the first day.  My second day, as I stated earlier, was the hardest for me.  Not only with the craving but also my energy.  I was so tired, that I was in bed and asleep by 9pm.  The 3rd day was better but I didn't work out, took it as another rest day.

Now that it's over, I'm back to my normal meal plan and starting up a new workout program on Monday.

Interested in giving this a try?  I am starting a new workout program on Monday, you can join in at any time.

Let me know - send me a message: griselrey@hotmail.com  and I will provide all of the information you need and recommendations on what to do after the 3 Days.

Would love to hear from you and help you with your nutrition and fitness goals.