Cuban Celebration

This past Sunday was the annual Cuban Day Parade in North Bergen, NJ.  My daughter's dance school was participating in this parade, so at 12:30 pm we showed up at 79th street & Bergenline to meet everyone.  The parade would start at 2pm and we would have to walk down to 43rd street.

We waited & waited, and finally, it was time to get set up and the parade was getting ready to start.

It was a long walk, and after I already jogged 3 miles earlier that morning, this really felt like a long walk but we made it!  It was fun, the music was great and our girls were amazing.

Dancing for a bit over 30 blocks in heels and under the hot sun....AMAZING!!!!

I got plenty of pictures and video plus we came out in the local paper: NJ.Com - Cuban Day Parade

We also got something to remember this day - sunburns!! I think everyone that marched got sunburned, LOL!  I look like a raccoon thanks to wearing my sunglasses the entire day.

Here are a few videos: