Fresh Start

Hey everyone.  New week and I'm still on my fitness and nutrition journey.  Last week was so-so but had a few cheat meals during the week.  I tried but gave in more than once.

I did work out a few days during the week, and as always I felt better after I was done.

My Orange flavor recover is the best!!!

I also stayed consistent with my shakeology for breakfast.  I try new recipes every once in a while, but always go back to the usual.

I was also really good about prepping my snacks for work.

Things always start out great but then there's the midweek pizza order, and I get off my plan.
That's ok though - its life.  I just get back on my plan for the next meal.

I follow many people on Instagram, but 2 of my faves are Joel & Breanne Freeman.  They are great and have many ideas to share.  So when they went on Instagram talking about this peanut butter, I went and bought a jar of peanut butter & almond butter.

and I'm soooooo glad I did.
It is the best Peanut/almond butter I've ever tasted.

It has become a regular in my oatmeal for breakfast.

Now back to more meal prep......Always be prepared. This way there are no excuses, just grab and go.

early morning workout.....getting in that GOT mood :)

I also started running again with hubby.

On Saturday, after our run and after my daughter's dance class, we headed down to Seaside.
I had already planned to start the 3 day refresh on Monday, so I wanted to eat something I haven't eaten in a very long time - cotton candy!!

OMG!!  Now don't assume I ate an entire bag - I didn't!  I ate 1 pink ball....the rest was given to my son.  He is our bottomless pit....LOL

So now we are back to Monday.  I'm exhausted and I need sleep.

Next week I'll have an update on my experience with 3 day refresh.
How have you been doing?