Last week Fitness updates

Hi everyone! 😁  So my fitness updates are going to look a bit different.  Every month, I'll post an update with pictures to compare, but weekly I'll just give you a look at what its been like.  Accomplishments, struggles, etc.

We came back from our Florida vacation and I was ready to go!

Joel Freeman and Shaun T combined their workouts and released a calendar for us all to follow along.  I thought it was great!  Before this came out, I was thinking of combining the lifting program with a cardio program, so this was great news.

this was my completed tracker for Transform 20 Round 1, now to erase it all and start over.

Some days were harder than others, but the week was over before I knew it.

My nutrition was average - not perfect but not terrible.

That energize is a life saver....

Recover really helps me after each workout! Yum!

I was feeling great except for the allergies and headaches I was getting at work.  I went to the doctors just to get checked out and am waiting for my blood work results.  I'm still feeling tired and congested, but pushing through.

So this past week wasn't too bad!

Now onto my 2nd week, which did start with a bit of a struggle thanks to these allergies, but I will push through as much as I can.

How do you stick to workout routines? 
When is your favorite time to workout?