We Moved!! Part 1 of this Out of State Adventure!

Hi All!!

So yea, we've moved!  I originally planned to make this a series of posts but things got complicated and I never made time to sit down and journal my days leading up to the big move.  So, I got it all in 2 posts.  Here is part 1.

A little backstory first, I was born in Florida.  Half of my family still lives in Florida while I was living in New Jersey since I was 9 with my mom and her family.  Through the years I always said I would move back to Florida someday.  I graduated High School, got married, had 2 kids and finally.....someday has arrived!  There were many factors that used to keep us in NJ, but it finally came to be that now we didn't have as much keeping us there.  NJ isn't going anywhere, so we will continue to travel there and visit family and friends that still live there, but we decided this wasn't the place for us anymore.  We needed a change!

About 7 months ago we finally made the final decision that we were moving.  We still had the option to change our minds, but we only signed a 6-month lease at our apartment and started thinking about our move while living our day to day lives normally.  As the months went by and June started approaching, we started letting people know little by little that we'd be leaving.  More than once we thought of just looking for a new apartment in Jersey instead, but we were going through struggles at work, rents were completely out of control in Bergen County and the cost of living in Jersey was becoming more & more unreasonable.  We continued to plan our big move.

I started packing my home in May and started getting rid of things I didn't want anymore.

Even after everything I sold, donated and threw away I still had soooo much stuff.  Now it was time to finish packing and plan the move.

The move would happen in 2 parts.  The first trip would be hubby and me only since baby girl still had school.  

These 2 were miserable this entire trip - my poor babies!!!

This was a loooooonnnnnngggggg Ride!!

I had to take him out of the cage, so he sat on my lap for the remainder of the trip!

Finally made it to Florida early in the morning on Sunday, Father's Day.  We went to sleep for a few hours and then enjoyed the rest of the day with family.

On Monday morning it was back to work.  We went to the storage unit to unload.

We unloaded the truck in 3 hours and went to turn in the truck.

Then we spent the next day putting things away and enjoying the day.  

We took a ride to Miami to visit my grandparents, then to South Beach for lunch at Lario's on the Beach and then went to visit a friend.

Wednesday morning we were at the airport and back to NJ to finish packing and moving!!

These posts have taken me longer than expected to complete as I'm still settling in and taking care of things.

Part 2 ~ Our Final Move will be posted this week!