Can't Believe She's Done!

The time has come, my baby girl is officially done with grammar school :(

I feel like it was yesterday that she started pre-school and would cry her eyes out every morning when I tried leaving her there.  Now she's graduating 8th grade and heading into high school!

How did this happen?
When did this happen?

LOL!!  This isn't easy, my baby is growing up!

Don't misunderstand me, I am extremely proud of baby girl!!  She struggled a bit at the beginning of the year, but got it all straightened out, put in the work and finished her 8th grade.

So here we are!! Graduation Day!

It was a wonderful feeling seeing her accept her diploma!  I had tears in my eyes - I don't know how I got any pictures, LOL

Afterwards, we celebrated with dinner at the restaurant of her choice - Houlihans, with one of her best friends.

It was a very special and memorable night!