House Hunting!

We've been in Florida for 2 months now and we are slowly starting to get ourselves together.  The job hunt is ongoing and we've also started looking at homes.

We have gone to see some old homes but on this particular day we decided to check out some New Homes.

The community of Westlake is brand new - some people are already living there but the area is still under construction.  They had 6 model homes available to tour.

Here is the 1st home we toured: Sandhill - my 2nd Favorite

The entire layout, flooring, appliances, and finishes in this home were amazing.  I loved it - I even loved the decor!  The only thing I would change is the master bath - I need a tub, but they can add one for you so there's that.

House # 2: Kestrel Grand - this was my favorite!!

This home layout was my absolute favorite - it was amazing!!
The master bedroom was made just for me - with an extra room that you can use as an exercise room as they set it up! Perfect!!
The decor and finishes were beautiful but I prefer the floors and cabinet color from the Sandhill.  Don't get me wrong - if given the opportunity I would gladly take this home and love every inch of it!

Check out the pool!!!

We toured the other 4 but I forgot to take pictures or video - I was in awe.  The decor, the details...everything!  These homes are gorgeous!!

The only drawback for me is that the homes are built too close to each other.  I prefer to have more space in between each home - no I'm not antisocial but I like my space :)

The prices weren't bad at all either considering these are brand new homes.

The hunt continues, but I am so tempted to just go for one of these!!!


This is all new to me.  
How did you handle house hunting?
How long did it take to find your home?