Back to Basics

I've been part of Beachbody for many years.  I love being able to work out at home and love their nutrition plans.  The problem?  I tend to fall off the wagon too much.  Put pizza or cheesy pasta in front of me and I stop watching what I eat - I have never been 100% committed to a program.  There has only been a handful of programs that I've actually completed: 10 Rounds, Lift 4, Control Freak, Transform 20 - that's it!!!  Also, if you know anything about weight loss, you know that it isn't only fitness.  Nutrition is a major part of weight loss and I have NEVER really committed to a nutrition program.  I'm good Monday through Friday but the weekend comes along and its over.  So, I'm now trying to make myself commit 100%

One way to hold myself accountable is to keep a public journal of sorts - I will be posting fitness, meals & progress.
I'm also part of an amazing group of women that are there to cheer each other on, so checking in every day with that group is vital to my success.

If any of the struggles I have been going through sound familiar to you, and you are looking to finally make a change and commit to losing weight and getting healthier contact me.  You can join me and my group of other ladies all working for a common goal.

I can help keep you accountable, help with meal planning and ideas if you get bored of certain foods.  We can do this together, as a team.  
Contact me at:
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Instagram: @grisel.fitlife

Hope to hear from you soon, we have great things coming up just in time for the holidays!!!