It's Been a Minute

Well, it's been some time and there have been changes.  I transferred this blog to another host, now decided to cancel that and I'm back here.  Sadly, I lost all other posts I've created since I first moved over.

So now I'm making up for lost time.

We did buy a home and have been here for almost 2 years.  

We closed early December so we were able to celebrate the Holidays in our new home!!

In these past 2 years we have done many things here to upgrade the house.  We started with our patio.  We have a small back patio but it was just grass.  We added a privacy fence and paved it.
Check it out:

Next we made some changes to our kitchen.  Changed the faucet, added hardware on the cabinets, added pendant lights above our island and added the backsplash.

Bought 3 of these from

These belonged to my parents. They had them in storage and they matched perfectly.

Now for some artwork. 

Loving it, thanks to my sister for gifting me this painting.  Now I need to buy a picture light to finish the look I'm going for.

Got new chairs for our table, since I threw away the ones from NJ.

A few months later, actually for mother's day - hubby & kids gifted me the backsplash I wanted.
Now its time to install.

See how plain - no backsplash and plain faucet.

My boys hard at work..........

All done......beautiful!!!

New kitchen faucet completed the look. 

These are all the updates I have for now.  There is more to come with things we have done at home and other trips and celebrations.

Hope you enjoy & let me know what would you like to see more of.