Hello 2022!!!

Hello there!!
How has your new year been?

Mine started out just wonderful.....NO NOT REALLY!!! 😑

So let's start from the beginning.

New Year's eve was nice, we spent it at home because I wasn't in the mood to go out.  My family was celebrating at an RV park about 30 minutes away & I wasn't feeling it.  We stayed home and watched all the festivities on tv.  I did go through our superstitious/traditional practices but stayed home - nice & comfy.                                 

                                                            Grapes & Sidra are a must!!!!

                                                        and Pork for Good luck!!  :)

We went to bed around 2AM.

Next day I was up before noon, had breakfast and got started with my day.  We took care of a few things around the house and that's when I decided it was time to purge & organize my closet.  I started a bit but had to go out so when I got back home I ended up being up until 1AM trying to get things done in there.

 Our neighbors had a great fireworks show, 

we were busy keeping Nyx, our dog, calm.

Now it's Sunday - January 2nd and I start on my closet right after breakfast.  Took a break to meet hubby & my son at our storage unit, which they were in the process of emptying out.  Got back home, and quickly went back upstairs to work on my closet.  The closet was looking organized, but I still had things on my bed that either needed to be placed in the donation pile, garbage pile or I had to find a place for them.  By the time I got upstairs, I had this overwhelming feeling to lay down.  I felt exhausted.  I tried to fight it but no way - I put my head on my pillow and that was the end of it!  I woke up a few hours later, surrounded by crap from my closet but I didn't have the energy to dig into this stuff.  I moved everything off my bed, except for a book, my Ipad and tv & Roku remotes.  I ate my dinner in bed and eventually went downstairs to take a Covid at home test - the last one I had at home.

It was negative.  OK, I must just have a regular cold or flu - my throat was on fire, I had a low-grade fever and was exhausted.  I went back to bed.

Chocolate treat from hubby & this is what my son writes on my cup - He thinks he's funny 

The next morning, my alarm for work went off - my throat was still on fire, my head was pounding & still had a fever - I texted work saying what was going on & went back to sleep.  I would wake up every couple of hours throughout the day just to take my temperature, take medicine, use the bathroom & try to eat or drink something.  This went on all Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday morning was a bit better.  Fever was gone, I was tired but not exhausted so I jumped in the shower and got ready to head to Walgreens.  I had an appt for a rapid test that afternoon.  Later that afternoon my results were in, I was positive!! Ugh!! I was honestly shocked - I didn't think I had it.  So of course, I can't go back to work yet, which part of me was ok with it because my throat still hurt and I wasn't feeling well.  Luckily, I was able to work from home so I didn't use more of my paid time off.  It was only the first week of the year and I had already used 3 days.  I was so mad.  I slowly felt better each day, although the fatigue and headache persisted.  I would go walking and feel out of breathe very easily, I had to sit and lay back often - I definitely was not back to normal.

I went and took another test on Sunday - came back positive again.  2nd week of January will be spent working from home again.  This week I was feeling better, aside from the fatigue that would come and go, plus my cough had begun.  I started a new morning routine - I was prepping to start 75 Hard along with my nutrition and fitness programs.  I added Matcha tea to my morning, and then I would drink a cup of coffee about an hour later.  On Wednesday, my employer asked if I could test again so they sent me a rapid test from the office - this one resulted in a negative so I went to work Thursday.

Thursday morning comes, I drop my daughter off with my sister, went back home and had my matcha tea, walked the dog, and an hour later had my coffee.  Got ready for work and left, came back home at lunch - walked the dog, ate lunch - all was normal.  I was feeling tired so decided to make myself an at-home Starbucks - double espresso caramel latte.  It was delicious.  I took it to work and drank it slowly.  Then about an hour later I started feeling strange.  I had a fluttering or feeling of emptiness in my chest and my heart rate started rising.  I started looking for an Urgent Care, and while I was talking to my co-worker my heart rate really shot up.  She quickly called 911 and made me sit down.  According to my apple watch my heart rate reached 169 BPM, when the paramedics arrived they got a 130 BPM reading and blood pressure was a bit high.  They took me to the hospital - I felt awful and what was worse is that my family wasn't allowed to go into the hospital.  They were so worried, as I was and my phone was dying.  Blood was drawn, EKG done and chest X-ray done.  After a couple of hours all was fine, the doctor only found that the electrical charge wasn't getting from one side of my heart to the other fast enough, plus she also seems to think that this was a result of Covid.  She explained that many people who have recovered from Covid have developed other symptoms - this virus causes inflammation and ends up messing with other organs like your heart and lungs.  Great!  I was fully vaccinated, got the virus, and now complications.  I was so mad but thankful that at least I'm healthy enough to have been released. 

I was finally back home with my family, very grateful for being there but still scared.  I thought I was having a heart attack and it was stuck in my head that maybe it was a warning.  Well, the scare really pushed me to change.  The next day I took the day off and just relaxed - drank lots of water and no caffeine at all!!  I called my doctors to schedule appointments and spent the weekend relaxing at home on the couch and having a Marvel movie marathon with my daughter.  We were both off on Monday so we had an extra-long weekend!  On Monday, my primary care doctor's office called saying there was a cancellation Tuesday morning so it was mine if I wanted.  I didn't hesitate and took the appointment. 

On Tuesday, hubby went with me since I was feeling light-headed the past 2 days.  Doctor took all my symptoms and said will do full blood work and gave me homework to monitor my blood pressure since it was high when they took it at the office.  I was done, so by this time I was starving.  I had been fasting due to the blood work, so now we headed for lunch.  Stopped at Home Goods and did some shopping - always makes me happy - LOL.  I finally found the busts I've been looking for since last year.  

Got home and started on dinner and just relaxed.  Went back to work on Wednesday, which was a bit scary for me but I made it through the day.  The morning wasn't great - I felt light-headed and jittery but I got through Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Thursday afternoon I had to go see my cardiologist.  He also confirmed that this could all be from Covid but they are also symptoms of heart disease so he ordered a full checkup - echo & stress test scheduled.  Now I wait.  My appointment is next week and I'm hoping, praying and meditating that all is 100% fine.

I have been feeling better although still have occasional moments of fatigue and a few other symptoms that pass after a few minutes.  Meditating everyday and cutting out caffeine have definitely helped me.

I am also tuned into my nutrition and changing things up.  I have learned a lot from BeachBody and now I am finally going to implement what I have learned.  Veggies most - always!!!  Water, water, water - all day long.

So, I have slowly cut down on carbs and I've also added anti-inflammatory foods to my diet although I realized that I already do eat some so this won't be a drastic change.  It will just require more planning, prepping and cooking on my end - so I'm ready for the challenge!!

If you have any advice - I'm hear for it, just leave in comments or DM me on IG or Facebook.

I will also be starting up a nutrition group in February - this will help keep me accountable while helping others.  I will share old & new recipes - planning tips and encouragement to keep going!  If you are interested in doing this with me, send me a message and we will talk  😁