Updates....So Many Updates!!!

So half the year is gone - we've done so much already!  

1st off, school is back on & my baby is a Senior!!! WHAT!! I'm still in a bit of shock & denial, but YES, my baby girl is a senior and we are checking out colleges  😬

We've also done random things around the house but not much.  We have plans to paint the entire house before the holidays so you will be seeing some posts coming up for that!

We finally took a vacation out of the US too.  We haven't gone too far since Covid so we booked this short cruise to the Bahamas.  We originally booked for June 3rd but a storm came through and we decided to reschedule it to July 23rd.  Done & rebooked so we drove baby girl to Jersey where she went back to her dance academy, took classes, and took her ballet exam.  She's getting ready to graduate with her class in 2023.  She spent a month there with her aunt & cousins and we picked her up July 4th weekend.  

Then her birthday weekend came up and we went on our Margaritaville cruise to the Bahamas.  I will have a separate post on that with my thoughts on the entire trip (sneak peek: it wasn't great).  The month of July had many highs but also some lows.  My son got Covid at the beginning of the month so he missed out on going to visit Jersey, and then the week before our cruise, my grandfather passed away.  So, needless to say, I was really looking forward to this cruise getaway.

Now we are here - August!! Back to school and starting to wind down from all the summer fun, even though we still have almost 2 months of Summer left.

I am still working on my fitness & weight loss journey.  I will be giving more updates on it all.  I've also decided to get into coaching for BeachBody - so I'll be sharing lots more.

I just started the new program from Joel Freeman called Liift More and so far its wonderful! The workouts are longer than the original program, Liift 4, and there are more reps.  I love that its mostly weight lifting, although there are a couple days each week with some Hiit, but it is mostly lifting which is what I really wanted.  I do my cardio by walking or jogging with hubby so I didn't want to do a lot of cardio with these programs.

I am running an accountability group where we come together to support each other, give tips for workouts, workout routines, meal prep & encouraging each other to keep going on this health journey.  Sticking to a fitness lifestyle can be hard for some of us, so here we all come together for support - no judgments!  You don't have to do the same program I am doing, so you are free to do any program available in our fitness library and let me tell you, there are soooo many!

Here I have my fitness & career goals - I'm ready to make a change in my lifestyle and help others do the same!

With that said, if you want to learn more about the fitness or nutrition programs offered or if you are interested in working as a coach and get paid to workout - send me a message or comment below.

Would love to hear from you all - How has your summer been? Ready for Fall?